Eon Electricity Meter Inspection

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Reforming suppliers’ meter inspection obligations | ofgem, Gas and electricity suppliers have a licence obligation to inspect their customers’ meters at least every two years, unless we consent to other arrangements. we have reviewed this licence obligation’s ongoing contribution to protecting consumer interests..
National regulation: gas electricity meters – gov.uk, The office for product safety and standards (safety & standards) is only responsible for gas and electricity metering accuracy and complaints about billing should firstly be directed to the supplier concerned. the citizens advice consumer service can assist you with this and provide independent.
Urgent – overdue gas meter safety inspection – , However, the meters for all the flats in the building are in a cupboard in the communal lobby, so it may be that one of my neighbours let someone in who inspected my meter at the same time as theirs. that having been said, mine is an old mechanical dial digit meter, whereas the ones for all the other flats have been replaced with lcd electronic ones at various points over the last decade..

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Contact online – ‘ quick easy – ., Get energy quote gas electricity tariffs . smart meters connect supply contact options quickly sort query:.

Now energy bully boys threaten break door , Gillian cooper, energy expert consumer focus, : ‘ energy supplier required inspect meter years safety reasons, expected contact phone, letter, face face number times struggling access meter..

Modification electricity supply licence, gas supply, Meter inspection. (iv) reflect slc 12 gas supply licence, continue require holders gas transporter licences records date meter inspection. direct dial: 020 7901 7289 email: tom.handysides@ofgem.gov.uk date: 4 february 2016 . 2 4 office gas electricity markets 9 millbank london sw1p 3ge tel 020 7901 7000 fax 020 7901 7066.


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